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Jo Garcia
TS Jo Garcia has a huge eleven inch functional cockShe of the huge tranny cock, Jo Garcia has made her mark in transsexual porn. Joey Silvera has certainly took notice of Jo’s charm and allure, he’s also put his camera to work on capturing Jo’s incredibly large member. In Shemale Idol The Auditions, Jo gives us an erotic stroke show you won’t soon forget and Joey captures her in grand style.

Gorgeous close-ups of Jo’s big dick showcase this Brazilian porn queen at her best, working her huge member up to an explosive finish. You won’t want to miss Jo’s work with Joey, it clearly stands as some of her best. In his usual slutty style, Joey brings out the best in his models and filming Jo Garcia seems to be one of his best scenes yet.

If Jo Garcia isn’t enough to tickle your desire for hung tgirl, Shemale Idol features a bevy of we endowed and horny Brazilian transgirl at the horniest. There must be something in the water in Brazil that makes seemingly all of the local girl sprout huge throbbing members. Size queens will love this site but is also has something for everyone.

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  1. Hey, me and my girlfriend broke up a few motnhs ago and recently I started seeing a TV, TS and i have to be honest.. I’ve never been so happy in my life. I was wondering.. I am growing increasingly horny around her and i would love to have sex but im not sure how to go about it? I know this sounds immature and silly but i really have no clue. With a woman i know how to slowly seduce, foreplay, and then when they have a pussy its pretty obvious. I don’t know how to approach the topic of anal sex.. also if its more natural to a TS or still a forbidden place to even think about going.. she likes having dry sex but I don’t know if she wants it to escalate further. I would never pressure her. I just don’t exactly know how to bring it up in a sexy way

  2. Show up with a bottle of lube and a dildo, she’ll get the hint

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